Word on the radio was that subways were a disaster all around. I had no problems. Seems delays were all about the 1/2/3, I think, and of course the new and never-ending F/M debacle.

I purchased a cheap piece of technology, with limited expectations. It is said to be a notebook on which you write notes that automatically fly off to cloud storage as PDF files. You can then erase the notebook pages and start over. Will it work? I’ll try and find out at 12noon. I have no particular need for it at this time but in different roles at this job I take a lot of notes. Not so much this current role. But when I do notes the paper and its papyral detritus gets bothersome. So it would be neat if I could dispense with that papyral accumulation in favor of yet more digital hoarding.

I start to ask why I seem to be the only person who sits in this rather large break room. But then just as I say that an acquaintance appears and takes a seat. My secret is out. The office space here is kind of rangy, and unfinished. No ceiling to speak of in many of the rooms, with exposed pipes and wires, and a curiously school-library-like carpet with patterns that resemble Tetris pieces. I never use the refrigerators or microwaves. I’ve never warmed up to refrigerators or ovens communally shared with strangers. I wonder what that makes me. It seems symptomatic of something, of a negative. I did purchase a container that would keep food warm but I only used it once. $50 was a lot to waste on that gadget. I bought it when an inspired seeming person said they bought one and it changed their life. Seems hard to imagine a life transformed by such a device but I believed it and bought one and that’s what I get for believing some crap I read on the Internet.

Yesterday was my first day actually doing the job I was hired for. Last week was all watching someone else do it. Watching and doing are very different experiences for me. There’s some Yoda-speak lurking in these sentiments.

I saw the woman on the train today. First time in months. She still masks up, every single day. Covid is coming back but she is obviously a germaphobe. I imagined yesterday, nothing to do with her, that I could just live everybody’s life for them, to make it easier for everybody to just live the life they’ve been given. I could take care of the long walks and masturbation, freeing everyone else up for more productive and useful activities. Why can’t it be that way? We all need surrogates to take care of the things we will do anyway.