Rain is worse than I thought. Waterfalls in subway stations, oh my. I thought it was just going to be steady rain but it’s coming down fast and angry. Maybe not at this moment. Within this office building I am blessedly insulated from weather conditions outside. I was once very surprised to hear thunder. It must have been gut-crunchingly loud for it to be heard in this building. Or maybe it was actually a bomb.

When I was on a different floor the ceiling created a strange aural effect when the air conditioners turned on. It would make a sound similar to what I imagine people heard on the floors just below where the first plane made impact on the Twin Towers. A terrific thud that shook the ceilings of several floors down. I don’t know what the real sound was, but it had to be something, and the sound one of the ceilings here made evokes in my mind what that sound might have been.

I usually go outdoors for lunch but not this day. Not tomorrow, either, most likely.

A plan is to travel by bus across the near-length of Staten Island on Sunday. But then I don’t know. It sounds like it would get boring as butt after a while. And roads could be unpredictable after two days of heavy rain. Weather is supposed to be perfect.