Like a lot of people, I knew rain was coming, but had no idea it would be the most rain in one day since the 1970s (I think I read that somewhere). Flooding in all the usual places but a few surprises, I guess? Highways and parkways unpassable. Basement apartments, mostly illegal, flooding everywhere and EMS won’t respond because it’s too much.

I was pretty lucky all around. The walk to work there was rain but nothing epic. It all came roaring down after I was settled and snug at the office, where I heard and felt nothing. Subways were flooding and not running at all for significant stretches of rail. My trains were shut down much of the day but, as I got lucky again, everything I needed to get home was running as usual by 5pm. Much of the City was not so lucky. Videos from all boroughs made the rounds.

My neighborhood does not flood. There are a few corners here or there that back up but it’s not flood prone the way other areas are. I think when Sandy came I learned that I live in an Area 2, I think is what they called it.

I read a brief, puzzling article by someone living in a $4000/month apartment that flooded the same as a bamboo hut would. Water gushing from the ceiling, from the toilet, just everywhere. Landlord does nothing but hand them a mop. For this the story ends with the dude bragging about having a steady job and a great apartment. Story made no sense.

I need to relax. Even though I lucked out, I still feel the anxiety of everyone else out here. I am in a quiet room right now. Vending machines hum but all other noise comes from inside my head. I slept well, I guess. This is the breakroom where I work, and it is the only place where I do any writing anymore. I try to at home but it mostly ends up being observations on pornography. Today is Saturday so fewer people than usual are here. This room and possibly this whole floor is empty save for me. Here I am in the belly of the beast, alone.