I don’t know who she is but I hear her voice, deep and raw, slumbering in my head, talking in her sleep. It is the same warnings I hear but cannot understand as they slip and strain through the sounds of an air conditioner exhaust or an idling bus engine. The words are there, but I cannot understand. I suspect the warnings involve issues with something low in my body, low in my soul. A fundamental unit of currency that facilitates communication among organisms and psychological entities that speak sublingual, cunning lingual, non-lingual gestures of sophisticated and compact expression is not working for me. There is unspoken portent in the eyes of strangers, carrying their assessments of me right in front of my face, but not for I to see. Those are similar to the thoughts, equally garbled, I hear as water circles the drain. Eveerywhere someone, something is trying to tell me something but I cannot understand the words. They hum and whistle and form a tune but the words drop like swordfish from the sky, incompletely formed and dissolving to mucous.