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Boogie Woogie Rapes the Brain

I’ve read that nothing compares to being in the same room as the piano through which Conlon Nancarrow’s rolls roll. Through LP, CD, video, all you get are the notes. You don’t get the vibration of the piano,...

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Charles Schulz Once Snuck a Real Phone Number Into Peanuts

I was reading up on how legitimate looking phone numbers sometimes turn up in movies when I spotted an interesting-if-true anecdote. According to Cecil Adams, Charles Schulz, the creator of the Peanuts comic strip, once included in a Sunday strip a phone number that belonged to a family in Moline, Illinois. I can’t find anything […]

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Review of Nello, on Madison Avenue

This might rival the Pete Wells review of Guy Fieri’s place published a couple of years later. “They ate crisp artichokes offered as carciofi alla giudia. These tasted of shirt cardboard. They ate sawdusty chicken livers lashed with balsamic. They sipped at lentil soup familiar to anyone who owns a can opener…” Source: Review of […]

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What happens when you call the suicide prevention hotline

Hmm, I expected more from this story based on the headline. I thought they might narrate a real-world experience where someone called one of these suicide lines and recounted their experience. But then, unless they were able to find and interview people willing to talk about their experiences calling these lines that might be considered […]

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Queens diner featured in ‘Goodfellas’ catches fire

via New York Post: “Everything is destroyed. My God, everything is destroyed,” co-owner Denise Diamantis told The Post. “They say it started in the kitchen. I don’t really know, everything was turned off when we left.” Oh wow, I loved this place, for as often as I rambled past it and got a grilled cheese […]

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Hundreds gather for funeral of newborn found in trash can

From this I learned that it appears the NYPD reserves a special section of the Holy Rood Cemetery in Westbury, L.I for its burials of dead babies abandoned in places like the trash can at Dutch Kills Playground a few months ago. That is… kind of interesting. I might have assumed they used Potter’s Field. […]

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Rebellious Jesuit…

Last night I went to an NYC regional “reunion” of my high school down in Tampa. I put reunion in quotes not to be cynical, but because meeting up with gents from the class of 1968 (the year I was born) is not a forum conducive to rehashing memories and talking about the olden days. […]

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SCAM ALERT: Watch out for “suspicious account activity” claims

Interesting. My credit card was hijacked the other night, and I learned about it in a manner that sounds an awful lot like this scam. I guess that’s why the scammers take this approach, since it so closely resembles the legitimate way banks do it. An automated call to my old landline number told me […]

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Sports Illustrated Is For Sale

I never noticed how the letters R and A are conjoined in the Sports Illustrated logo. Was it always like that? I do not know and don’t think enough of it to research it. Rumors seem to be that the magazine will be sold to Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and someone I never […]

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AP Exclusive: Kushner Cos. filed false NYC housing paperwork | WTOP

At first I thought wow, I never hear about this sort of thing happening in Astoria. Then I remembered that I hear about it all the time, but that it doesn’t get press attention because there is no connection to POTUS. But then what I hear about is people getting forced out of non-stabilized apartments. […]

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Vacation Cemetery!

I actually believed for a hot second that this was real, until I considered what a waste of real estate a swimming pool at a cemetery would be.

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Headless 2

I have never been able to do this. As per the photographer’s instructions you should sit 2-3 feet from a monitor and gently cross your eyes. This will cause the two images to become three, and the middle one should be in 3D. I simply cannot cross my eyes, though I remember doing it as […]

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